Eganville & District Community Food Bank 

Mission Statement

The Food Bank operates as a non-profit charitable organization with any assets realized from its operation to be used for the sole purpose of promoting its objectives of relieving poverty.  Services provided will be for all residents of the community and area. The Food Bank is non-sectarian, non-partisan, working for the best interests  of its clients

The objective of the food bank is to gather and distribute food  to those in need at regular intervals and to collect funds and food for this purpose.

We refer individuals requesting additional services to community-based organizations that can offer such services.

We treat all persons involved with the operation of the Eganville and District Food Bank clients and fellow members with respect, dignity and confidentiality.

On occasion, we are involved in other community activities that meet special needs in the relief of poverty (Eganville Clothing Bank and Literacy Program).

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